Causes of World War 1 – German Nationalism

Causes of World War 1 – German Nationalism
In this part, we are going to learn how German nationalism caused the First World War. We will also learn some of the reasons why Germany is blamed for the outbreak of the First World War

The unification of the German states by 1871 led to Germany being one of the great powers.

Germany was proud of herself and her defeat of France during the Franco-Prussian War from 1870 to 1871.

The defeat of France and Napoleon III resulted in Germany gaining Alsace-Lorraine which was a humiliation to France.

Germany knew that France was to fight back for her lost territory which explains why Germany began the Alliance System with an agenda of alienating France in Europe.

The aggressive policies of Kaiser William II brought fear in Britain, France, and Russia for he was inspired by Nationalism and Jingoism.

This led Germany to clash with Britain in the naval race.

Germany also clashed with other powers on the issue of Morocco as well as the arms race.

The economic supremacy of Germany by the early 1900s also made Germany resented by the other states for she was seen as wanting to dominate the world.

Germany can also be blamed for not encouraging Austria-Hungary to be diplomatic in 1914 during the July Crisis.

As a superpower, Germany was not supposed to give Austria-Hungary a blank cheque.

Germany’s Schlieffen Plan inspired her to start the war after Russia began mobilizing.

Using the Schlieffen Plan led France and Britain to be involved in the war.

The biggest blame Germany can be given for causing the First World War is not encouraging Austria-Hungary to be diplomatic with Serbia during the July Crisis and giving Austria-Hungary a blank cheque.

As well as violating Belgium’s neutrality which had been agreed upon by all the Great Powers in the Treaty of London of 1839.

The violation of Belgian neutrality made a Local war become an International war.

Germany’s Kaiser William II’s policies are largely to blame for the First World War.

The Kaiser was responsible for the Naval Race, the Arms Race, the Morrocan Crisis, as well as an aggressive foreign policy.

Kaiser William II also supported Germany’s generals like Moltke who wanted war by applying the Schlieffen Plan.
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