As for the software, there are numerous applications for recording and editing

Audacity is a free option that is used by many podcasters for recording and editing audio.

It is an excellent software to have for voice recording and editing.

It also has numerous features like equalization, noise removal, normalization, and many more

The AVS Audio Editor is a premium app that you can buy. It also allows you to record and edit your audio and is very easy to use for beginners

Adobe Audition is also another software you can use for recording and editing. This app is used by many professional audio producers. So you might need to take a course on Adobe Audacity to learn the basics and you will be ready to go

There are many other audio recording and audio editing software you can choose from.

Others include GarageBand and Hindenburg

They generally work the same although other programs like Adobe Audition have many other advanced options

It is up to you whether you use free software like Audacity or buy software like AVS Audio Editor or Adobe Audition

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