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What is a Freelance Writer?

A freelance writer is a person who offers their services as a writer both offline and online.

Most Freelances writers are usually self-employed.

They are consulted by businesses and individuals who want to be offered the various services that the particular Freelancer is skilled at.

This post contains a list of some of the most sought Freelance Writers.

Creative Freelance Writers

These are Freelancers who are creative in different ways. They see the world from a different perspective than others. They have the Creativity Intelligence.

Creative Freelance writers dominate in the following areas:

  • Coming with lyrics for new songs 
  • Creative story writing
  • Game writing
  • Writing poetry
  • Writing friendly letters
  • Novel beta reading
  • Brainstorming new business names
  • Naming new business programs
  • Writing speeches for any event


These are skilled writers who can write fiction or non-fiction books for other people.

Ghostwriters are usually hired by politicians and other public figures for their skills.

In the final work, ghost-writers are not acknowledged as the writers of the books they would have written since most agree to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements.

There are high chances that some popular books you once read were written by a Freelance ghostwriter, but you will never know it.

Freelance Ghostwriters offer the following services:

  • Coming up with Book Blurbs
  • Book writing
  • eBook Writing
  • Offer Kindle Niche Research
  • Short Story writing
  • Writing Book Proposals
  • Beta Reading

Career-oriented freelance writers offer the following:

  • Personal branding profiles for business owners
  • Employee personal branding profiles
  • Curriculum Vitae Writing
  • Resume Writing
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Job Descriptions
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Academic-oriented Freelance Writers Offer Services That Include:

  • Freelance ghostwriting
  • Content writing
  • Content Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Copy Editing
  • Beta reading
  • eLearning Content Development
  • Writing scripts for Online Courses
  • Book Editing
  • Non-academic researches 
  • Summaries

Business Freelance Writers offer services like

  • Writing business plans
  • Business proposal writing
  • Business writing
  • Business Slogans
  • Brand promotional content
  • Letter writing

Content Marketing oriented Freelancers offer services like

  • Website Content
  • SEO Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Copywriting
  • Product Descriptions
  • Ebook writing
  • Lead magnets
  • Transcripts
  • Press Releases
  • Company descriptions for search engines
  • Case Studies
  • White papers
  • Podcast Content Writing
  • Podcast Show Notes
  • Report writing
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Copywriters offer the following

  • Direct mail copy
  • Sales Copy
  • Copy for Social Media Ads campaigns
  • Email Copy
  • Ad Copy
  • User Experience Copy – UX Writing
  • Copy for chatbots
  • Critique copy
  • Landing page copy
  • Content for posters
  • Coupon promotion content
  • Radio commercials

Multi-lingual Freelance Writers Offer The Following Services:

  • Translating from language A to language B
  • Creating subtitles for videos in language A to language B
  • Transcribing from one language to the other

Specialist Freelance Writers

  • Legal Writing
  • Grant Research Writing
  • Coming up with Grant Proposals
  • Training manuals
  • Technical Writing

Script writers write content for

  • Radio direct response commercials
  • Telemarketing scripts
  • Teleseminar scripts
  • Webinar scripts
  • Consultation
  • Webinars
  • Cold Calls
  • Meditation Scripts
  • Audio Ads
  • Scripts for telemarketing
  • Film & TV Screenplays
  • Video Scripts

Since content is king, Freelance writers are some of the most paid Freelancers today.

Who can be a Freelance Writer?

Anyone who is literate can become a Freelance Writer.

There are no qualifications that are needed to become a successful freelance writer.

You only need to show that you understand what you are going to write about.

People who can become Freelance Writers include:

  • High school graduates
  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students
  • Post-graduate students
  • Retired employees
  • Specialists in any area
  • Creative people
  • Anyone who can read and write

Where can one succeed as a Freelance writer?

If you want to become a Freelance writer offline you will need to get in touch with businesses that are seeking your services.

However, if you want to succeed online here are websites you should offer your services on. Such include:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • People Per Hour
  • Guru
  • Freelancer

When to become a Freelance writer

There is no better day than today for you to begin your Freelance Writing career

How to get Freelance Writing Jobs

Join any of the Freelance Website

Get the best courses on Freelance

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