1 – Copywriting – you must be able to write words/scripts that sell. This will guarantee your success in SEM – Search Engine Marketing, SMM – Social Media Marketing (e.g. Facebook Ads, Instagram Marketing, etc), eCommerce Marketing, Podcast Marketing, Video Marketing and eMail Marketing. If you master this selling skill you have mastered at least 75% of internet marketing.

2 – Research – This is essential for creating content that will be easily found on sites like YouTube and Google. You should also do keyword research as well as researching on the popular topics in your niche.

3 – Creativity – This is essential when coming up with things like:

  • Design Marketing e.g. Brand or website colors – some colors are more captivating whilst others repel your target audience.
  • Podcast Marketing – intros, outros, topics, etc.
  • Video Marketing concepts and ideas.

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