Video content is more popular than text. This is because most people are lazy when it comes to reading.

The average person would rather watch a video than read text content (e.g. ebooks, articles, sales copy, product description).

But the video and its audio have to be good for the viewer to be 100% engaged.

Video Artificial Intelligence programs like Pictory got you covered as far as visuals are concerned.

From now onwards more and more content creators are going to prefer more efficient platforms like Pictory AI over Freelancers. This is because it is more effective, unlike humans (Freelancers and Traditional Video Editors) who are prone to errors.

In this article, I review the groundbreaking and lucrative Pictory Affiliate Partner Program.

Revolutionary platforms like ChatGPT and Pictory AI are great innovations in the history of mankind.

Pictory AI Affiliate Program Summary

Do I personally recommend the Pictory Affiliate Partner Program? : Yes, I do not only recommend the Pictory Affiliate Program but I also like the benefits that Pictory itself gives to modern content creators including YouTubers, eLearning Experts, Courses Creators, Video Marketers, and even Podcasters.

Who should join the Pictory Affiliate Partner Program? : I think the Pictory Affiliate Program is best for video content creators, Youtubers, instructional content creators, bloggers, and anyone who is into video marketing.

Where can you join the Pictory Affiliate Program? What is the price for joining the Pictory Affiliates Program? : Click here for you to start promoting Pictory AI. It is completely Free for you to start promoting the revolutionary Pictory AI.

Strategies on how to be successful as a Pictory ai affiliate.

The Pictory Affiliate Partner Program is best for you if you are a:

  • YouTuber – Video AI is popular nowadays. You can recommend Pictory to your target audience. As soon as you recommend 50 paying customers you will get a free Pictory account for one year. But when you refer 250 paying customers you will get a Pictory AL premium account for free. Therefore you have more to benefit through promoting Pictory.
  • Video content creator – You can promote it to your fellow colleagues, prospects, and clients.
  • A person who uses stock videos – The program has so many high-quality videos. As a person that appreciates the good things in life, you are yet to see the extent to which you will discover yourself being impressed by the wondrous Pinterest.
  • Artificial intelligence fanatic – You can promote this Ai program to fellow AI fanatics.
  • Video marketer – You have great potential to discover yourself using the videos Pictory AI creates for you. In the future people will ask what your secret to success is and then you can tell them about this renowned platform.
  • Blogger – You can use the program and write reviews. Emphasis must be made on how using AI like Pictory is more beneficial than hiring Freelancers who are prone to human error.
  • A person who is into Affiliate Marketing – This is a great opportunity for you to promote the highly promising Pictory AI using modern marketing strategies like email marketing, YouTube marketing, and Social Media Marketing. If you are a reviewer of top-quality software and programs this is one of the groundbreaking programs available now.

Pros of the Pictory Affiliate Partner Program

  • You are being paid for recommending Pictory – Like all Affiliate Marketing programs you are paid by Pictory AI when you recommend it to your audience.
  • Recurring commissions – You are paid recurring commissions up to 50%. This means that as long as people you recruited keep on using Pictory AI you will still be paid your commissions whenever they pay.
  • Cookie – Unlike in certain Affiliate programs where the affiliate tracking software’s cookie policy is 30 days or 60 days Pictory have set its maximum to 9 999 days (9 999 days divided by 365 days = 27.39452054794521 years). That means the cookies will stay for at least 27 years (unbelievable!!!). So that means with Pictory AI you are in good hands.
  • Anyone is free to join the Affiliate program – It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or experienced in internet marketing. The Pictory Affiliates program is open to everyone. You are not even required to be a premium member for you to promote Pictory.
  • A free Pictory Premium account – The more successful you are in recruiting new paying clients to Pictory AI the company will offer you a lifetime Pictory Premium account for free. This means that you will have Pictory’s stock videos and other content for free. You can use these for your business and for personal use.
  • Cash bonus – At a certain point the more you will find yourself successful as a Pictory Affiliate and they promise to offer you a cash bonus. At the writing of this post in early 2023 the cash bonus is at $US 1000.

Cons of the Pictory Affiliate Partner Program

  • At the time of this writing, Pictory does not support other Payment Platforms like Payoneer. However, you can receive payouts in your PayPal account. If your local restrictions do not allow you to receive payouts into your PayPal account Pictory can send the money directly to your bank account when you have earned at least $1 000 in commissions. It’s great at the end of the day.

Pictory Affiliates FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I refer people to Pictory AI?

1 – Through your referral link: e.g.
2 – Through your discount coupon code e.g: fidel43
3 – Recruiting sub-affiliates with your link e.g.

Where can I promote Pictory?

1 – Social Media e.g. Recommending it to your followers and fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
2 – Video search engines e.g. YouTube Marketing, Vimeo.
3 – Professional sites like LinkedIn.

Can I recommend Pictory using a discount code? 

Yes, you can find your discount code in your Pictory Affiliate Dashboard. The people you recommend can either use your Affiliate link or your discount code.

How do I access the Pictoy Affiliate Dashboard?

Click the dropdown below your name for you to access your affiliate dashboard.

When are we paid our commissions as Pictory Affiliates?

Pictory will pay you your eligible payouts on the first working day of each new month. 

How will I get paid as a Pictory Affiliate?

PayPal – provide them with your PayPal email and you are ready to go.
Direct bank transfers – when you have reached the Pictory Mega Affiliate Level or when you have at least $1000 in your account. If you cannot create a PayPal account due to local restrictions this is the best option for you.

How effective is the Pictory Affiliate tracking system? 

They have an effective tracking system that updates you about new registrations using your link, the number of people you recruited that are paying, and your payouts.

When will I start earning commissions?

As soon as the people you referred to Pictory Al become premium members (paying customers).

Will I receive commissions if someone joins the Pictory AI free trial?

No, you are not paid anything when someone you refer only remains a free trial user. However, when they decide to become Pictory AL premium members you will find yourself receiving your commissions.

How much should I pay to become a Pictory AL Affiliate?

It is absolutely free for you to become a Pictory Affiliate.

How is Pictory customer support?

You can get assistance from their Virtual Assistant.
You can also contact them via Email.

Different types and levels of Pictory Affiliates Partners

The Pictory Affiliate Partner Program has different levels depending on how successfully you have promoted the program and brought in new clients.

The more you you refer more people is the more you will find yourself earning more as an affiliate.

You will get more benefits the more you refer paying customers.

Level 1: Pictory AI Standard Affiliate Partner

When you join today you will begin as a Pictory Standard Affiliate Partner.

Your benefits a a Standard Affiliate Partner include that:

  • You instantly earn 20% whenever a person you referred pays for a Pictory premium subscription.
  • You get 10% of what is paid to your sub-affiliates (these are the affiliates who promote Pictory after they join it using your affiliate link).
  • Everyone you refer to Pictory using our link or discount code automatically becomes your sub-affiliate forever.
  • Unlike other Affiliate programs where you are expected to have at least $100 the minimum payout you will get from the Pictory Affiliates program is at least $10 per month.
  • Payments will be sent directly to your Personal or Business PayPal account.
  • As long as the people you referred are paying their subscriptions you find yourself being paid for each period they are subscibed.
  • You will be paid your payouts on the first working day of any new month.
  • When someone joins Pictory, expect to be paid a month after they subscribe.
  • Pictory offers you free tools to promote the program. Such include free good-as-gold prewritten copy, wonderfully appealing graphics, and hints and tips that you will find beneficial not only for promoting Affiliate programs but also for your business’s.success. All these benefits make it amazingly simple for both beginners and pros to promote Pictory.
  • A free copy of the Pictory AL Affiliate Partner Playbook with free strategies for successfully promoting Pictory AI.
  • People you refer that utilize your Discount Coupon Code will get a 20% discount for their subscription’s lifetime.

Level 2: The Pictory VIP Affiliate Partner Program 

When you refer 50 paying customers to the Pictory AI you are going to be promoted to the VIP Affiliate Partner level.

This means that you enjoy all the benefits of a Standard Affiliate Partner.

As a deserving and important affiliate, you are also guaranteed more fantastic benefits that include:

  • The mouthwatering benefit of being a VIP Pictory Affiliate Partner is that their promotional bonus offers you a free Pictory premium account for 365 days (1 year).
  • An increase in your commission rate by 10%. This means you will discover yourself earning 30% instead of 20% from the subscriptions of each paying customer you would have referred.
  • As one of the noteworthy affiliates the people you refer will get additional discounts during Pictory’s promotions as well as flash sales.
  • There will not be a minimum monthly payout threshold for you.

Level 3: The Pictory AI Super Affiliate Partner Benefits

When you refer the 250th Pictory subscriber your badge changes from you being a VIP Affiliate Partner to you being a Super Affiliate Partner.

The startling benefits of being a Pictory super affiliate are that:

  • Firstly, as a promotional bonus, Pictory promises to offer you a free lifetime Pictory Premium Account.
  • You will discover yourself getting commission rates at 40%, unlike 30% as a VIP Affiliate Partner.

Level 4: The Pictory Mega Affiliate Partner

The more you promote the Pictory AI platform the more you will get more and more spectacular benefits.

After you refer 500 paying customers you will instantly become a Pictory Mega Affiliate partner.

As a Pictory Mega Affliate partner your benefits include:

  • All the benefits of a Pictory AI Super Affiliate Partner. Like a free lifetime Pictory Premium Account.
  • For each member you refer that pays you will get 50% in commisions. This is a 30% increase compared to what a standard Affiliate gets.
  • You also have the choice to receive your payouts via bank transfers instead of PayPal.
  • As a successful affiliate, you will find yourself being offered a promotional benefit of a $1000 one-off payment.

Pictory Affiliates Partner Program isn’t for: 

Spammers – It is not fine to unethically promote Pictory AI by spamming people on platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook Groups, irrelevant Tweets, and many more.

Pictory   Affiliates Partner Program Alternatives

Pictory Affiliates Partner Program Alternatives
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InVideo Affiliate Program
Synthesia Affiliate Program Affiliate Program
Lumen5 Affiliate Program Affiliate Program
Hour One Affiliate Program
Raw Shorts Affiliate Program
GliaCloud Affiliate Program
Rephrase.AI Affiliate Program
Muse.AI Affiliate Program Affiliate Program
FlexClip Affiliate Program
WiseCut Affiliate Program


Pictory is a highly powerful Artificial Intelligence online SAAS for creating high quality video content.

At this moment in AI history we are yet to see the extent to which content creators will adopt phenomenal AI video creation services like Pictory.

As an affiliate marketer, you have more to benefit as a result of promoting Pictory.

More and more Video Marketing is becoming popular which explains the rapid growth of YouTube since 2020.

Using services like Pictory AL saves the video content creator’s time and energy since it is more effective than video content creators.

I highly recommend the Pictory Affiliate program because it is affiliate marketer oriented.

Remember, if you want to promote Pictory it is free to sign up for your new Pictory Trial Account. Credit cards are not required for new users. participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and many other programs. These are affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to as well as other renowned marketplaces and or websites.