Once you’ve got about three episodes ready, it’s time to launch your podcast.

Don’t start with just one episode; you have to have at least about 3 episodes for you to start having subscribers to the podcast as well as new visitors and subscribers to your website.

Your first episode should be introductory, and this is where you explain the reasons for your podcast, who you are going to help, the themes, as well as the frequency

It is a very important moment for you to connect with your target audience which gives them the opportunity to follow you.

When you start you will have few listeners, but if your work is excellent, you will see how in a few months you will start to have a large online community that follows you every time you publish a podcast episode

If you have money to invest, you can get new listeners by running well-targeted ads on Facebook Ads.

To quickly gain visibility and authority, the best that you can do is to interview experts as well as the influencers that are in your sector

Take all the opportunities to write on other blogs

Also, make yourself available to be interviewed on the other podcasts that are related to your topic

Every time you post a new episode, you have to spend some time promoting it on social media as well as getting new subscribers to your website and podcast.

Marketing your Podcast is easy with Content Marketing and Digital Marketing

You might need to have a new website that is only meant for your podcast

You should take advantage of all the social media sites

The more directories you have for publishing your audience is the more your audience grows

If you want you can also invest in Search Engine Marketing as well as Social Media paid ads. This will benefit you to a greater degree

There are many other strategies for growing your audience which include building your email list. This partly explains why Tim Ferris’ podcast is a big success

You can also be a guest on other Podcasts with similar niches as yours

Your team must also have knowledge of the various Podcast SEO strategies

It is important to utilize the correct keywords without keyword stuffing

Use the white hat SEO strategies only

Also, make sure that you increase your social media presence through announcements, advertisements, sharing industry news and updates as well as customer engagement

You also have the choice of sharing all your content on YouTube

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