This page reviews and analyses the top cheap and affordable budget USB microphones for Podcasting, Voice-overs, and Video Content Creators.

These reviews are meant for both audio content and video content creators.

N.B. All of the USB microphones discussed here are phenomenal and wonderful.

They are some of the best USB microphones used by content creators all over the world.

What are USB microphones?

USB microphones are modern portable microphones that record when connected to a USB port.

These are the type of microphones you must invest in for you to get extraordinary audio quality.

What are the advantages of USB microphones? – Why you should use a USB microphone

  • Cheap – Most USB microphones are cheaper compared to most traditional microphones even though they record equally the same. In many cases, USB microphones are more expensive than most traditional microphones.  
  • Easy to use – anyone with a computer that has USB ports can easily record using these types of mics. It is a plug-and-play, you just need to insert the USB socket on your PC and it is ready to record. There is no need for one to go to school and learn how to use a USB mic. Connecting a USB mic is just like connecting your phone to a USB port.
  • Portable – USB microphones can be carried anywhere you go. This means that when you are recording you are not only limited to your home or office. You can record using your USB mic anywhere. This includes in your car, at the park, at the beach, you name it.
  • No extra power – USB mics do not require an additional power supply. This is mainly because they get their power supply from your desktop computer, laptop, or phone.
  • Multi-device support – USB mics can be connected to your phone, laptop, or desktop. In some cases, you might need an OTG cable to connect your microphone using your microphone.
  • Many recording features – Having a USB microphone will also allow you to choose how you are going to record. Unlike most traditional mics USB microphones give you the option to record one person or many other people present (omnidirectional).
  • Noise-cancellation capacity – Most USB microphones have the capacity to cancel background noise.
  • Durable – Besides having Moneyback Guarantees the USB mics listed on this page are strong and last many years. This is because they are created from strong material.
  • High-quality audio – USB microphones are far ahead of most internal microphones of desktops, laptops, and cameras. They also produce more high-quality sound than most smartphones and earphones. A top-rated USB microphone that records incredible spectacular audio quality is very important for anyone who has decided to become an audio or video content creator. For most people, audio is better than video quality. No matter how great the video was created, if its audio is poor the audience will be disappointed and not check your content again.

Who uses USB microphones?

Since USB mics are highly effective in recording good quality audio they are popular amongst the following people.

Online Course Creators 

This includes most of the online video course creators on Udemy, Teachable, and Skillshare.

eLearning Content Creators and Instructional Designers

eLearning Content Creators and Instructional Designers use these for voice-over narration.

Such include content creators that use software like iSpring, Articulate 360, and Adobe Captivate.

If you are not using phenomenal Speech to text software like Speechelo then as an eLearning Instructional Designer you would need an affordable professional USB microphone for recording your voice and instructions.

Video Content Creators

Such include Vloggers, Youtubers, instructional video creators, whiteboard animators, and explainer video creators.

Podcasters and radio presenters

Podcast hosts and some radio personalities utilize USB microphones when recording and or producing their content.

It is recommended that new podcasters that have never used a microphone should begin with a top-rated USB mic.

They will have to decide in the future if they want to continue using it or not (upgrade or not).

Voiceover Artists 

Many voice content creators on sites like Fiverr and Upwork also use USB microphones for recording.

Like Podcasters voice content creators are encouraged


USB mics are also popular amongst modern gamers since they are portable.

Secondary uses of USB microphones

Teaching purposes – Teachers and tutors use them to teach online classes.

Business purposes – They are also used for online meetings. They are also great for Skype and Zoom.

Socializing – You will also stand out when you impress your friend and colleagues during your audio and or video chats.

Microphone terms to understand

Diagrams showing the different microphone polar patterns: Cardioid (Unidirectional), Omnidirectional and Bidirectional (Figure-8)
Omnidirectional vs Unidirectional vs Figure 8 Microphone Polar Patterns
  • Unidirectional (Cardioid)
  • Super-cardioid or hyper-cardioid – This refers to a mic that directs unwanted sounds from the rear and side. It is highly effective in capturing sound in front of the microphone. The C01U Pro USB Studio Condenser Microphone is a great example of a super-cardioid microphone.
  • Omnidirectional
  • Bidirectional
  • Zero-Latency
  • Headphone Monitoring
  • Headphone Level Control
  • Additional Analog Input
  • Frequency Response

Table showing some of the best budget USB microphones

Microphone Average RatingLink CardioidOmnidirectionalBidirectional Zero-LatencyHeadphone Monitoring Headphone Level Control Additional Analog InputFrequency Response
Samson G-Track Pro4.6 out of 5 by 7,265 reviewers.Check more reviewsYesYesYesYesYesYes50Hz–20kHz 
Blue Yeti         
Blue Snowball         
Rode NT         
Samson C01U Pro4.6 out of 5 by     1,268 reviewers.Check priceYesYes20Hz–18kHz
Audio Technica         
Samson Go Mic  YesYesYes80Hz–18kHz (Cardioid)  20Hz–20kHz(Omnidirectional)
Yeti Nano           

Samson G-Track Pro Review

This is a great USB microphone that can come in all sorts of colors including black, white, silver, titanium black, and titanium red.

Samson G-Track Pro has been Amazon’s choice in the category of Multipurpose Condenser Microphones by Samson Technologies.

The G-Track Pro by Samson Technologies is one of the top picks by renowned Podcasters, Course Creators, Youtubers, and other audio-visual content creators.

The Samson G-Track Pro is an unusually affordable premium mic that is ideal for:

  • Podcasters.
  • Broadcasters.
  • Course Instructors.
  • Freelance Voiceover Artists.
  • eLearning Content Developers.
  • Streamers.
  • Gamers – Compatible with gaming console devices.
  • Music recorders – Its audio interface will allow you to record your instrument and voice simultaneously. You can even connect your keyboard, bass, and guitar as well as many other line-level devices.

Like most USB microphones there is no driver required for the Samson G-Track Pro.

Podcasters and other interviewers can add a sub-mixer if they want to record co-hosts as and or Podcast guests.

Other features you will like about the stylish Samson G-Track Pro Microphone

  • Commercial-oriented microphone.
  • Premium metal.
  • Has an on or off button on the front.
  • LED that indicates its status.
  • An audio interface
  • 24-bit resolution – an exceptional sound at 24-bit/96 kHz
  • A highly powerful noise removal and noise reduction feature.
  • A small knob for you to adjust the volume. This is one of the major reasons the microphone is popular.
  • Tripod legs.
  • Headphone Monitoring – there is a headphones jack at the back – which allows you to hear what you are recording live.
  • A cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional microphone.
  • You are offered a free Samson G-Track Pro guide.

Cons of the Samson G-Track Pro

  • Needs lithium-ion batteries.
  • Heavier – Created of Zinc material and weighs about 3.72 pounds.

What some reviewers said about the Samson G-Track Pro: 

I have owned most of the popular USB mic’s commonly used by streamers, including the Yeti, Yeti Nano and Rode NT. All of these are great microphones but none were perfect. There were features from all of them that I loved but there was no single mic that rolled all those great features into a single unit, until now! … I picked up the Samson G-Track Pro after a recommendation and I can confidently say it’s the best USB mic I have personally ever used … an investment it’s worth every single penny. Everything you need is on the mic with absolutely no need for software to control settings.

Samson G-Track Pro Quoted Reviewer 1 – “

Samson G-Track Pro Quoted Reviewer 1

As an Audio Engineer …. I purchased this to be used as my main podcasting microphone, and so far it has simply exceeded expectations. If you’re a streamer, podcaster, or budding musician, this is an awesome microphone to start off with.

Samson G-Track Pro Quoted Reviewer 2 –

Samson Go Mic Review

The Samson Go Mic is a great microphone that can fit easily into your pocket.

Like its advanced sister the Samson G-Track Pro, the Samson Go Microphone is Windows and Mac compatible.

It is the most portable of all the Samson USB microphones since you can easily put it in your pocket in its small pouch that you are given when you buy it.

The Samson Go Mic folding clip allows you to mount it on your laptop screen.

Pros of the Samson Go Mic USB microphone

  • Compact.
  • Does not require any drivers.
  • Has a USB audio output.
  • You can connect your earphones or headphones via the headphone output.
  • Cardioid.
  • Omnidirectional.
  • It is made of strong material and lasts long. One Amazon reviewer in the year 2022 had to say this about the Samson Go Microphones: “They’re sturdy: I’ve dropped a Go Mic folded into its protective clip on a concrete floor with no damage …. The Go Mic I bought in 2014 for my other computer and use daily is still going strong.”

We recommend the Samson Go Microphone for:

New Podcasters – You can record your Podcast episode any time anyway since you can put this into your Pocket. If you do not have a studio yet, there is no need to worry. This microphone will record perfect audio even when you are in the office or home of your Podcast’s guests.

New Voiceover Artists – If you are on a low budget your clients will appreciate your work using the Samson Go Mic. It is however our recommendation that as you earn more from your Freelance Voiceover tasks you will need to upgrade to a more advanced microphone. We recommend the Blue Yeti or the Samson G-Track Pro.

Lecturers, eLearning Content Creators, and Instructional Designers – The Samson Go microphone is a great microphone for eLearning modules. The subject matter experts and learners will be able to listen to you without any problem. It is however advised to make sure that when you record in Articulate 360, Spring, or Adobe Captivate you must select the microphone.

First-time Online Video Course creators – this microphone has been used to create top-rated courses on sites like Teachable. It has been mentioned to be one of the popular microphones among Udemy instructors.

According to Samson, the Go Mic is a multi-pattern, portable USB microphone for podcasters, streamers, musicians, or anyone looking to improve the quality of their digital audio.

The Samson Go Mic has been saluted for these purposes:

  • Video conferencing – Includes recording Podcasts on Zoom or Skype.
  • Computer voice recognition and dictation – It works well when using Dragon Naturally Speaking and Windows 10’s Cortana voice recognition.
  • Portability – When traveling it is however essential for you to put it in its case which protects it against vibration and shock.

Samson C0U1 Pro Review

This is a super-cardioid microphone that is far better than the Samson Go mic and more enhanced than its non-USB mic predecessor the Samson C0U1.

Reviewers usually compare this with the Blue Yet USB microphone.

Most listeners and reviewers cannot tell the difference between the Samson C0U1 Pro and Blue Yeti microphones.

The Samson C0U1 Pro is an advanced microphone for:

Musicians – It is recommended for singing purposes. Producers are guaranteed high-quality voice recordings with the Samson C0U1 Pro.

Professional Podcasters – Compared to the Samson Go Mic, Podcasters will appreciate the C0U1 Pro more. This is because of its smooth recordings that listeners cannot differentiate between the sound from the C0U1 Pro and that from the highly popular Blue Yeti.

Streamers – Its 16-bit, 48kHz audio resolution will ensure that you get HD recordings as if like you are in a professional studio.

One reviewer said that: I use this microphone for my online talk show and if much better than my previous mics. The sound is crisp and clear. It produces a very professional sound.

Video content creators – Such include Udemy and Teachable course creators. This is an unusual competition to the Blue Yeti mic. Its sound is crisp and produces clean recordings.

Gamers –  This is a top pick for home studios. It sits so well on your desks.

Pros of the Samson C0U1 Pro Microphone

  • Weighs far less than the far more advanced Samson G-Track Pro. The C0U1 Pro weighs 0.99 Pounds.
  • Super cardioid microphone
  • 40 dB audio sensitivity
  • Like its fellow Samson USB mics like Samson Go and the Samson G-Track Pro, it is made of strong material that ensures its durability.

Cons of the Samson C0U1 Pro Microphone

  • The Audio Technica XLR microphone has been said to be more effective than the Samson C0U1 Pro for music recordings.

Other Recommended USB microphones

Blue Yeti

Yeti Nano

Rode NT

Audio Technica

Blue Snowball


USB microphones have been growing popular since they produce high-quality audio.

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