This guide contains links for you to have a better understanding of Podcasting and what it is.

You will also benefit from learning the strategies you need to have a top-rated podcast.

The definition of a Podcast

If you are clueless and or want to have a Definition of what is Podcast feel free to read the article What is a Podcast?

You will find yourself getting a general idea of what is and what is not a Podcast.

Why you need a Podcast

If you are wondering why you need a Podcast?, there are numerous opportunities that having a Podcast offers to you.

Such include personal branding as well as business branding.

Qualifications needed to become a Podcaster

There are basically no qualifications one needs to become a Podcaster

If you have a business you can launch your successful Podcast today.

And if you are an individual you can also successfully launch yours today.

Your Niche and Audience

You must define your niche and audience for a successful Podcast.

Coming up with topics for each episode

For your Podcast to have more fans you must creatively come up with more and more topics for each episode.

This is possible

Your Podcast Team

Do you need a solo podcast presenter?

Or do you need a Podcast with 2 or more hosts?

The Podcast Expenses

It is up to you to decide which expenses you are to have when starting your podcasts.

The expenses differ according to your budget and or your expectations

Audio Recording Equipment

There are basic audio recording devices you must have when starting a podcast.

Such include:

  • Microphone
  • Computer
  • Headphone


You will need software for:

  • Podcast Production
  • Podcast Post-production

Podcast Planning

Planning in advance is important for your Podcast’s success.

Episode Pre-production

As mentioned be prepared for the Podcast preproduction phase.

Episode Production

You must have all the software and equipment that is required for you to have a successful Podcast production

Episode Post-production

This phase may be the one that may take most of your time when doing your Podcast production work.

You will be involved in the post-production phase of your audio or videos for the podcast.

Podcast Launching and Publishing

Be ready to post your episodes at the best sites.

There are many sites that will make your podcast episodes to be popular amongst your fans.

Your Personal Branding

Have a personal brand if you are a Podcaster

Maintain a good public image and good reputation

You must have social media accounts that promote you.

This will have a spillover effect on your brand as well

Podcast brand

You must have a unique brand for your podcast

Do everything necessary to maintain your brain both online and offline

Marketing and Growing your audience

There are many ways of marketing your Podcast today.

Such include through:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Copywriting
  • And many more

Keeping up the Podcasting motivation

Do not tolerate Podfade

Do your best to remain on top of the game.

Remain motivated

If you think that you are in the wrong niche, you can get into the correct niche as soon as possible


Podcasting is a great modern internet strategy for attracting your target clients and audience to your website

Nowadays, with so much written content, you have to add other strategies such as podcasting to outshine your competition

If you are going to create a podcast be serious about it

It is very important for you to invest the effort and time in doing it very well and periodically if you want a highly loyal audience

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