If you are to have a Podcast you must have your niche and the area you mostly focus on.

The essential thing is to choose a topic that you are passionate about.

Podcasting takes a lot of time and dedication.

According to Podcasting expert Sam Laliberte, “75% of podcasters quit after 7 episodes”.

You will have good and not-so-good moments, but if you are passionate about what you do, you will persist and continuously succeed.

In your Podcasting niche, you will have competition, but the competition is less than when you have a blog (there are more bloggers than podcasters).

So to be unbeatable you have to love what you do if you want to be successful with your podcast.

Who is your ideal Podcast listener?

If there is competition in your niche, that is a great sign since this is a guarantee that there will be many listeners to your podcast.

Keep in mind that if you have a specific target population you will have fewer listeners but, in return, you will also have more loyal users, the same as if you have a blog.

When it comes to podcasting it is not wise to have a general niche since people buy only from experts in the niche.

For example, Digital Marketing is a very broad subject.

But if you have a niche like “digital marketing for entrepreneurs” you will be able to have more conversions since it is targeted at a specific audience: startups and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs will be willing to listen to you with passion since they know you are interested in helping them when it comes to online marketing.

To achieve the best results it is very important to define the profile of the person who is going to listen to you.

Many marketers call this creating an avatar.

Create an avatar

This is very important for you in order to be able to offer your audience content that really engages them.

That is to solve their doubts, problems, and fears whilst giving them content that allows them to reach where they want to go.

You have to speak to your ideal client and keep them in mind when creating content.

When coming up with the avatar it is important that you research and deeply investigate where your ideal client looks for information.

Check out what other podcasts they listen to, which blogs they usually read, what things he or she cares about, and what income he or she has per year.

The clearer and more specific you have in the profile of your listener, the better focused your content will be, and the better you will connect with your audience.

Therefore, target a specific population and create content for that population.

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