In the modern world, if you want to be successful offline and online you need to adopt effective and professional personal branding strategies.

Maintaining a good personal brand positively affects your business and/or your career.

This is meant for you if you have been wondering about how to create a strong Personal Brand online and in the real world.

Personal branding is a type of marketing on a personal level.

We recommend personal branding for professionals that include:

  • public speakers
  • career diplomats
  • doctors
  • professors
  • lawyers
  • civil servants

We also recommend effective personal branding for intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, interns, celebs, and many other professionals who work with people directly and or indirectly.

In the online world, we recommend Personal Branding for Youtube Video Content Creators, Vloggers, Podcast Marketers, Influencers, Course Instructors, and many other Internet Marketing specialists.

In this article, we share with you some tips on how to have a great personal brand both online and in the real world

1 – The law of association 

Be careful about who you associate with. Bad company corrupt good morals. James the writer once said resist the devil and he will flee from you and we say don’t tolerate the bad guys and they will flee from you. Bad apples will always spoil good apples when kept in the same container, The law of Association is very effective. Make sure that you associate with good people only. It has been said many times that you are the average of the 5 people you most associate with. Take advantage of the Law of Association and only engage with good people that you aspire to be like in some way.

2 – Be careful of what you say in public

Think of the repercussions before you share your opinions. Let your views and opinions be constructive in all ways. If you cannot offer positive criticism, it is better for you to keep quiet. Drop the culture of gossiping if you have adopted it for some time. As the great Napoleon Hill once said:

If you must slander someone … don’t speak it … but write it …. write it in the sand, near the water’s edge!

Napoleon Hill, The Law of Success

3 – Personal Branding through Social media

Social media management is essential for entrepreneurs, business executives, and everyone else who works with the public.  A scan of your Facebook profile can tell us if you are an introvert or an introvert. If you had posted many things we can start to understand your personality and character after analyzing some of your pictures, posts, and comments. Be careful what you share on Social Media for it can attract or repel some of your potential business clients especially if they dislike something. Whether you are looking for a job or you are an entrepreneur we recommend having an account on a platform like LinkedIn. If you do not know how to optimize your LinkedIn profile you can hire some freelancers that can assist you with optimizing your LinkedIn profile professionally. You can also do this for your pages on your website or blog as well, Academics and educators may showcase their strengths through articles, journals, and publications they wrote in the past.

4 – Ensure high levels of reputation management

It is easier to destroy a person’s reputation than to build it. A silly mistake can make some people disappointed with you which might affect your reputation. For instance, we recommend that you do as you say. Keep promises. If you are to meet someone ensure that you arrive earlier than them. And always meet the agreed deadlines. Effective time management will boost your brand or personal marketing plans. A great reputation will boost your career and or business. From now onwards you must treat yourself like a business brand. Be authentic and act in a way you want your ideal clients to see you. Be professional in all our business interactions and communication.

5 – Personal branding via Grooming and deportment 

Always be smart at all times. Dress properly. What and how you dress at any

moment gives the viewers an idea of who you are and what your character is like. You do not want to be categorized as one of those people they know. Professionally dress for the occasion. At most bathing, brushing teeth, and wearing good clothes is all a person needs to maintain a good personal brand in the eyes of clients, prospects, and customers. Be your best self.

6 – Be authentic

Truth be told, no one likes fake people. Be genuine and avoid pretending as if you are interested in what someone is saying when you are actually faking it. The average person can feel it when you are faking being interested in them or their story. It is an instinct in all of us that we can tell if someone is pretending. Let your uniqueness shine for people like people who are genuine. Being inauthentic can destroy your personal brand to a greater extent. Setting goals and having a positive mental attitude will give you a positive vibe.

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