This page outlines some of the outstanding courses and programs for those who are into digital marketing.

With the growth of the internet, various courses have been created for those interested in internet marketing.

Also, this page outlines some of the courses and or programs that will be helpful for both newbies and professional digital and content marketers.

It is our experience that the best digital marketing courses promote your brand in exceptional ways on the internet.

This is your opportunity to check out these good-as-gold modern courses for the digital marketer.

Important internet marketing skills

To be successful in digital marketing there are more skills and capabilities that are essential than others.

Such include:

  1. Copywriting or the ability to write words that sell – without the ability to write web copy that sells you may find it hard to succeed in Email Marketing, SMM – Social Meda Marketing, SEM – Search Engine Marketing as well as when creating Video Sales Letters. We recommend the works of Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson to anyone who wants to write words that sell. It is our opinion that writing effective sales copy is the most important skill for one to succeed online.
  2. Search Engine Optimization – One must also be good with on-page SEO and off-page SEO for them to be successful online. This means that your content will be shown to your ideal audience by search engines.
  3. Email Marketing – Email marketing has profited many businesses and individuals. To be successful here you need to be able to craft words that sell. If a person can master email marketing they have a high chance of successfully selling to their target audience.
  4. Video Marketing – With the rise of YouTube and modern technology Video Marketing should not be ignored. People prefer watching videos over reading articles with the same content. Therefore you will need all the video marketing skills and resources you can get to be a successful video content creator.
  5. Personal Branding
  6. Business Branding

Qualities of a good digital marketing course

This section analyses what you should look for in a digital marketing course.

  1. Experienced course instructor or instructors – Anyone can claim to be a successful digital marketer. If you are in doubt about the instructors you must do a background check of their digital marketing experience using Google.
  2. Real reviews and testimonials – If an online has 4 over 5-star ratings (real ratings by over 100 people) then that course must be one of the best in that niche or sub-niche.
  3. Exhaustive – A good digital marketing course must leave you saturated with so much information. The instructor would have to take you by hand, step by step showing you the insider tricks and techniques.

What to expect in Digital Marketing courses

Digital Marketing has improved in the 21st century to a greater extent.

New concepts and sub-niches have been introduced and many new ones are yet to come.

There are general digital marketing courses and specific digital marketing courses.

General digital marketing courses

These course attempt to cover as many themes as they can on digital marketing. The instructor or instructors might cover all the digital marketing themes in one course or program of many courses. This may include:

  • Courses for Internet Marketing in General
  • SMM – Social Media Marketing Online Courses
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing Courses
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization Courses
  • Email Marketing Online Courses
  • Podcast Marketing Courses

Specific digital marketing courses 

These cover a specific niche or sub-niche of digital marketing (or sub-niches of the general topics mentioned above). Such include:

How to get the most out of a digital marketing course

  1. Open-mind and willingness to learn – You must be open-minded to be successful in learning from internet marketing courses. If you are new to digital marketing you will discover that it teaches you new things you have never thought possible.
  2. Capture the key points – If you are a newbie in internet marketing the first time you watch a digital marketing course you might choose to watch the first 30 minutes (or the first time you watch the course) without jotting the points. The second and third time you rewatch a course you must be jotting down the key points. It is up to you whether you want to write the important stuff in a book or you want to type it on a Google Doc or Microsoft Word Doc. Saving the websites you learn on a Google doc will allow you to easily categorize what you learn and then reuse the recommended websites or strategies in the future. Cloud-based storage strategies are always the best.
  3. Also, implement and practice – As soon as you complete the course you must implement immediately what you have learned. Repetition of what you have learned will make you a professional digital marketing person.

Table showing top-rated course bundles for digital marketers

Program or Course Bundle Title / NameLink to access the program/courses bundle
Become A Digital MarketerDigital Marketing Course Bundle
Become A Content Marketing SpecialistContent Marketing Course Bundle
Become An SEO SpecialistSEO Program
Take Your Business OnlineTaking Your Business Online Courses
Website Promotion: Drive Quality Traffic To Your SiteWeb Promotion Courses
Build An Online Business With Shopify And AmazoneCommerce Success Program
Viral Marketing & CopywritingViral Marketing & Copywriting Bundle
Social Media Marketing: Organic & AdsSMM Mastery Program
Become A Facebook Ads ProfessionalFacebook Marketing Mastery Courses
Paid Advertising: Social And SearchSMM and SEM Program
Google Analytics: From Beginner To ExpertGoogle Analytics Mastery Courses

1 – Become A Digital Marketer 

The Become A Digital Marketer Courses Bundle – A collection of 7+ Online Courses by many instructors that are experts in Digital Marketing. Such instructors include:

  • Jeff Sauer
  • Anke Audenaert
  • Sharon Lee Thony
  • Cleo Kirkland
  • Jon Chang
  • Colleen Jones
  • Rita Cidre

The Become A Digital Marketer Program is a great 7+ multi-course program for you if you want to be successful in the following:

  • Digital Marketing as a whole. This is the number one internet marketing program that we recommend for newbies that want to be successful in internet marketing.
  • Content Marketing so that you will be successful in coming up with content strategies as well as creating wondrous content that will make your clients, prospects, and customers want to buy from you.
  • SMM – Social Media Marketing.
  • SEO -Search Engine Optimizations.
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing and Ads
  • Analyzing Metrics – Google Analytics, Social Media Ads review, and analyzing the different platforms you use.
  • Email Marketing – using a platform like Mailchimp.

After you become an expert in Digital Marketing after watching over 16 hours of high-quality content you will look back sometime in the future remembering this moment when you took the opportunity to check the free preview of the good-as-gold multi-instructor Become A Digital Marketer Program.

2 – Become A Content Marketing Specialist

If you want to be successful in content creation and content marketing then the Become A Content Marketing Specialist Program will be helpful just like the Become A Digital Marketer courses. After completing this 5+ multi-instructor popular program you will find yourself being successful at:

  • Writing blogposts and blogpages.
  • Coming up with content strategies
  • Social media marketing
  • Personal branding
  • Podcasts
  • Content analytics for better conversions

3 – Become An SEO Specialist

In addition to the above, SEO is one of the most important components of Digital Marketing. SEO experts are sought after by companies, bloggers, and YouTubers. We recommend the Become An SEO Specialist 5+ popular multi-course program for both experienced and aspiring SEO experts. When you complete this course you will find yourself being successful in:

  • Search Engine Optimization research and technical audits.
  • Insider technical SEO tricks
  • Local SEO
  • Keyword research and utilizing the most effective keywords for your sites.
  • Optimizing blogs
  • Coming up with SEO strategies
  • Content audits
  • SEO Analytics
  • SEO for all your platforms e.g Website SEO, YouTube SEO.

4 – Take Your Business Online

As more of the world is coming online there will be more and more people buying and selling online. The Take Your Business Online Program has at least 3 electrifying courses for digital marketers. This program will assist the internet marketer at:

  • Understanding the opportunities that are yet to be explored from Social Media.
  • Content Strategy and ways to get more traffic to your platforms.
  • Website design using WordPress – one of the courses will teach you how to use WordPress from A to Z. We recommend WordPress for new people that have never created a website before.
  • Targeting your ideal audience and clients.
  • Branding and coming up with a wondrous brand identity.

5 – Website Promotion: Drive Quality Traffic To Your Site

The Website Promotion: Drive Quality Traffic To Your Site Program is a great program for internet marketers who want to drive their ideal customers, clients, and prospects to their sites. After completing this program with at least 6 courses you will be highly successful at:

  • Promoting your website for more visitors in general.
  • Website SEO
  • Creating effective Google Ads
  • Promoting your websites or platforms via Social Media Marketing
  • Creating Social Media Ads

6 – Build An Online Business With Shopify And Amazon

As an internet marketer might also be interested in eCommerce and Dropshipping services. The program called Build An Online Business With Shopify And Amazon has courses that will assist you in:

  • Building modern phenomenal e-commerce businesses.
  • Successful Shopify ventures e.g. Online store design, product management,
  • Amazon eCommerce mastery e.g.Amazon FBA, Amazon product development, product importing, Amazon listings, Amazon PPC campaigns
  • eCommerce SEO
  • CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization using effective copy and conversion strategies.
  • Ideal client and audience targeting.
  • e-Commerce-oriented online marketing.
  • e-Commerce copywriting.
  • Viral content strategies.

7– Viral Marketing & Copywriting 

The success of a Digital Marketer comes in creating content that sells. One might be successful in creating content for SEO but to be successful in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and other Ads you must be good at writing words that sell.

To be successful in crafting web copy that sells you must train yourself via the best copywriting and viral content ebooks and courses. We recommend the Viral Marketing & Copywriting Program if you want to be successful at:

  • Creating viral content.
  • Marketing in general e.g Digital Marketing and Content Marketing
  • Copywriting and writing captivating words.
  • Storytelling that converts.
  • Video Marketing e.g YouTube Marketing,
  • Building your ideal audience.
  • Creating content strategies:

8 – Paid Advertising: Social And Search

Never do paid Ads without proper training. The worst thing is to lose money by paying for ads that will not be delivered effectively to your target audience. We suggest that you invest your money, energy, and time first in learning from the best of the best digital marketing experts and then implementing what they teach. In this way, you can bet that you will have a great Return on Investment.

We also recommend the program called Paid Advertising: Social And Search for success on both Social Media Sites and Search Engines.

After completing the Paid Advertising: Social And Search Program you will discover yourself being successful at:

  • Internet Marketing in General
  • Social Media Marketing e.g Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Chatbots success.
  • Search Engine Marketing e.g Google Ads, YouTube Ads.
  • Creating wonderful targeted digital ads.
  • Generate leads automatically.
  • Increase your revenue after you skyrocket your sales for any business with this complete Paid Ads bundle of courses.
  • Internet Marketing Analytics and Metrics.
  • Creating successful Landing Pages.
  • Creating fantastic SEM and SMM content strategies.
  • Coming up with avatars e.g, Targeting the ideal audience.

9 – Social Media Marketing: Organic & Ads

Social Media is the easiest way to capture your ideal audience. You can easily target them according to their location, favorite pages, and groups. This is one of the easiest strategies that growth hackers use. For successful SMM mastery as a digital marketer, we recommend the Social Media Marketing: Organic & Ads Program. It has at least 6 courses that after mastering them you will discover yourself being successful in:

  • Internet Marketing – As you know Social Media is a big component of the Internet.
  • Paid Ads e.g Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads
  • Generating more and more leads using platforms like the Facebook Messenger
  • Using Google Analytics for your business/brand efficiently.
  • Coming up with social media content strategies:

10 – Become A Facebook Ads Professional

Facebook began as a social network. Many people joined groups of like minds, followed pages of people/products/services they like, etc. Meta Platforms (known by many as FaceBook) accumulated many people’s information over time. This makes Facebook the easiest platform to target our ideal audience since you can easily create and or build your email list by targeting their location and ideal interests.

Facebook Marketing is a sub-niche of Digital Marketing. For successful Facebook Marketing, we recommend the Become A Facebook Ads Professional Program. It has at least 8 courses by outstanding Facebook Marketers.

After completing this course you will find yourself being successful at:

  • Facebook Marketing and creating highly converting Facebook Ads.
  • Social Media Marketing – expect the spillover effect since the stuff you will learn here can be applied to other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Quora.
  • Facebook Ads, targeting and retargeting your ideal audience
  • Effectively generating leads with Facebook.
  • Creating and benefiting from Facebook Chatbots for generating leads and more sales.
  • Personal branding for social media.
  • High Conversion Rate Optimization strategies

11- Google Analytics: From Beginner To Expert

Digital Marketing is incomplete without talking of Google Analytics. Whilst the platforms change here and there there are things that will always remain. The Google Analytics: From Beginner To Expert Program has 3 courses that are meant to make you a Google Analytics professional.

Some people have said that Google Analytics is one of the complex areas to understand and conceptualize in internet marketing. After completing this program you will be successful at:

  • Monitoring your content marketing strategies.
  • Understand your ideal target customers.
  • Internet Analytics
  • Generating and navigating reports
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Optimizing your Paid Ads
  • Tracking your Ads and Campaigns


This page has outlined some of the best digital marketing courses for both new and experienced Internet Marketers.

We have shown you some of the best programs for your success in:

  • Digital Marketing in general
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Podcast Marketing
  • eCommerce Marketing participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and many other programs. These are affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to as well as other renowned marketplaces and or websites.