This article discusses some of the essential skills that you must have for you to drive traffic to your website or sites.

We argue that it has been our experience: it is hard for you to succeed online without the essential skill of crafting words that sell.

In modern marketing, SEO pays but without Copywriting skills it will be hard for someone in your target audience to click your ads, posts, or pages.

This post will unravel some of the areas that you must prioritize for driving high-quality traffic to your site.

We also share some fantastic courses and programs for you to be successful in your traffic-driving endeavors.

1. Utilize the Free Traffic Channels

It is important that you use free traffic websites for you to drive traffic to your website. If you have not been using them then you must actively use them from now. The free traffic websites we are referring to include sites like YouTube, Steemit, Medium, Quora, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Most of these websites have grown so popular to the extent that what you post there is easily found by your target audience. The main advantage of free traffic websites like YouTube and Twitter is that they have high domain authority to the extent that whatever is posted there easily ranks and appears on the Google SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). At the end of the day, organic traffic pays well.

Suggestions for succeeding in using the free traffic channels

  • YouTube – Youtube has grown so popular to be the number one video search engine. When people are searching on YouTube they are usually looking for quick answers to their current problems or issues. Our suggestion is that you post video content and leave helpful links in the YouTube video description. When people find your videos helpful they usually check the description area for any helpful resources. There you can post helpful lead magnets for your target audience to join your email list.
  • Facebook – If you have a great brand you should have a Facebook Page. The page must be well-optimized using SEO and must include links to your website. If you want you must allow automatic cross-posting from your website to your Facebook and Twitter pages. This option has been available for a while although it requires plugins (like Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler) and configurations.
  • Twitter – On Twitter like on Instagram you must make sure that you post the relevant hashtags that people in your target niche actually use. However, it is important that the links you post are always providing highly valuable content.
  • Quora – If you are an expert in your niche you can be helpful on quora by answering questions that people ask there. Your answers should be detailed and value-giving. You can cite some of your website’s pages or posts for people who are interested in learning more. You should only post links that will be helpful. Be careful not to spam on sites like Quora and Reddit or you will be banned. Websites like Quora and Reddit have grown so much in recent years to the extent that nowadays people go there in search of answers.
  • Hive, Medium, and Steemit – these blogging sites have been there for a while, You can actually write helpful posts and then link back to your website. They are great for off-page SEO.
  • Pinterest – There is a growing number of people that actually go on Pinterest in search of content and answers.
  • Forums – Look for forums in your niche and post there. When other people see the value in your posts they will end up checking your website since most people on the forums are passionately interested in the forums’ themes.

N.B. When using free traffic platforms always be a value-giver. Spammers end up losing their accounts.

Online Course Recommendation: In your efforts to be successful in utilizing the free traffic channels we recommend the course called Digital Marketing Fundamentals. What you will discover yourself learning there can be applied on many platforms that you can utilize for generating high-quality traffic.

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2. Copywriting – write spectacular words that sell

If you have not yet trained yourself on how to write words that sell you will have a hard time selling online. Copywriting is the backbone of any internet marketing strategy. This explains why certain pages or ads are clicked whilst others are not viewed.

You might have knowledge of SEO – Search Engine Optimization but if you cannot craft words that sell you will not succeed in:

  • SMM – Social Media Marketing e.g. Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads. If your words do not compel your target audience to click your Facebook Ads or Insta Ads that means you will find yourself losing your money through a poor social media marketing strategy.
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing e.g. Google Ads, YouTube Ads.
  • Email Marketing – Email is where many people cash-in and get traffic from their already existing audience, so your words must be captivating. There are many Affiliate Marketers that say email marketing has brought them many advantages compared to other strategies.
  • Video Marketing – The scripts for your VSLs – Video Sales Letters must be carefully crafted by a person who knows how to write copy or else you will not have conversions (or you will have poor results).

It is our suggestion that you train yourself in the basic art of writing copy. This will enhance all your SEO efforts,

Online Course Recommendation: A great copywriting course for those who are into SEO and content creation is called SEO Copywriting: Optimize Your Website Copy. With this online course, you will discover yourself mastering the SEO Copywriting skills that you will use for your website and other modern marketing platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

3. Master whitehat Search Engine Optimization

In all your efforts to rank on the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages), utilize the whitehat Search Engine Optimization strategies only. This will keep you safe in the future when the major search engines make certain upgrades like those that have led to the fall of certain poor websites on the Search Engine Results Pages in the past.

We encourage you to learn and master

  • On-page SEO
  • White hat off-page SEO
  • Site speed optimization
  • Image SEO
  • Video SEO e.g. YouTube SEO

Online Course Recommendation: If you would want to be more successful in your SEO efforts we recommend the legendary course called: Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs. This short online course is meant for you if you desire to learn about how you can “write and publish captivating blog posts for your target audience”.

4. Build and grow your Email list 

In your efforts to market on the internet, it is essential that you have an email list. The majority of your mailing list must be your ideal target audience. Many companies and internet marketers have admitted that email marketing has always given them big returns. In short email marketing pays. If you have not been involved in email Marketing in the past right now is the best moment for you to start building your list. If you are already into email marketing you are yet to realize the extent to which you will find yourself enjoying its advantages.

Online Course Recommendation: We recommend the revolutionary Email Marketing Fundamentals Using Mailchimp online course if you want an enhanced email marketing experience. Even if you use other email marketing software like Getresponse, after checking this course sometime in the future you will look back at this moment as having been the start of your megawatt wonderfully successful email marketing experience.

5. Post frequently and consistently

It is very important for you to post frequently on your website. This is because search engines love content. Some researchers on the internet concluded that sites that posted content consistently gained traffic like or more than the existing dominating websites. Youtube content creators have also admitted this to be true as well. In your company, you are therefore supposed to have a content strategy for social media as well as for your websites.

Online Course Recommendation: We recommend the course Blog Content Strategy. This course is great for you if you would want knowledge on “how to create and implement a killer blog content strategy to maximize traffic and increase your revenue”.

6. Jump into Video Marketing

Video content creation has proven to be more successful than text-based sales letters. This explains why since the pre-Covid 19 eras more and more videos have been created than ever before. Videos are easier to learn from for the average audience. Most marketing professionals are now focusing more and more on producing high-quality video content than ever before. You should take advantage of this mouthwatering opportunity to cash in through video content if you have not done so in the past. Like email marketing videos drive sales and boost the traffic to your website. If you desire to have an unfair advantage in YouTube Marketing we recommend our post on the Top Essential Skills and Courses for Video Marketers.

Video Marketing Course Recommended: Since YouTube has been the top choice for Video Marketers we recommend the online course called Grow Your Audience With Youtube Marketing. The captivating thing about this course is that it teaches you the A-Z strategies for creating an outstanding YouTube channel. You will also discover yourself learning about YouTube SEO and Youtube Marketing Funnels. What makes this course mouthwatering is that it teaches you the insider techniques for creating Youtube Ads and hints for you to make better video content.

A table showing spectacular courses for driving traffic to your site

The table below shows some of the courses that we recommend for driving high quality to your website.

Course / Program TitleBenefits for youDoes the course have a free preview/trailer
Website Promotion: Drive Quality Traffic to Your SiteThis program has the following courses: Facebook Ads Techniques: Increase Your Campaign Results, Instagram Ads Fundamentals, Google Search Ads Fundamentals, and Native Advertising: Reach More Customers with TaboolaYes
Conversion Rate Optimization: Convert Visitors Into BuyersAn unbeatable course for you to convert and generate more revenue. CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization is one of the best-kept insider secrets for you to drive revenue for your online venture(s).Yes
Blog Content StrategyThis is a great online course for you to “learn how to create and implement a killer blog content strategy to maximize traffic and increase your revenue”. Yes
Digital Marketing Fundamentals An essential course for understanding Digital Marketing and its major components. As more and more people are using the internet those who understand digital marketing will find themselves being Kings and Queens more and more.Yes
Email Marketing Fundamentals Using Mailchimp A fantastic course for marketing using email. There is a reason why you receive emails in your inbox frequently. Every internet marketer knows that email converts. Yes
From Structure to Style: Master Your Copywriting This course has the capacity to make you one of the best content marketers. You will find yourself applying hypnotic writing in all your content including ebooks, articles, and scripts for videos.Yes
Grow Your Audience with Youtube Marketing If you want to be a successful Video Marketer this is the course for you. Video marketing gives marketers an unfair advantage. This explains why more and more marketing executives are now focusing on high-quality video content.Yes
Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs A great course for writing blog content that keeps your readers intrigued and glued to your site. Considering bounce rate issues and how they affect your site’s ranking, this is for you if you want to create phenomenal articles.Yes
SEO Copywriting: Optimize Your Website CopyAfter watching this course you will be successful in writing captivating content for your audience. SEO and Copywriting are the basics that online marketers need. Many people only know SEO, but this course teaches you how to utilize both.Yes
SEO – Website Technical Audit Fundamentals A course that is meant to make you a technical SEO pro. At the end of this course, you will be one of the experts on Technical SEO aspects like websites sitemaps, robots.txt files, HTTPS, broken pages, duplicate content, and mobile SEO.Yes


In a nutshell, we have shared with you some of the must-have skills for you to have a successful website.

It is our belief and experience that without a Copywriting background it is hard to convince your target audience to click on your landing pages and offers. Sales copy will result in successful ads on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and the other sites you want to market on.

In our attempts to be helpful, we have also shared with you some of the phenomenal courses that will assist you in generating high-quality traffic.

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