Why do you need a Podcast?

Why is a Podcast so important?

Well, that’s what your customers and some of your potential customers listen to nowadays.

People mainly listen to podcasts for various reasons that include learning new things, for entertainment purposes, staying updated on the latest issues and trends, for inspiration and for relaxing as well as to escape

People who listen to Podcasts enjoy doing so mainly because they can focus on other things whilst listening.

Podcasts will boost the traffic to your website

Podcasts are portable for they can listen to them on their phone or laptop any time anywhere.

For instance, according to the 2019 Edison Report on The Podcast consumes 65% of people who listen to Podcasts in the United States listen to Podcast on their smartphones, tablet, or portable devices.

This explains why podcasts are popular.

The 2019 Edison Report estimated that about 144 million of the 320 million people in the United State have once listened to a Podcast.

Podcasts have a competitive advantage for your business.

Nowadays people are preoccupied with many issues but if there is a podcast with topics that interest them they will be able to multitask

Reading text on a website or blog requires special effort and attention.

I am sure there are many sites you have wanted to read but could read them in the past because the text was too much.

Although watching videos is very popular nowadays for digesting content, videos require both visual and auditory attention

And there is less effort is since one does not have to read

The major advantage of Podcasts is that only listening is required

The content can be consumed anywhere and at any time, even performing other tasks simultaneously

Above all, in your business, you can use podcasts for generating more revenue via advertising, sponsorship as well as promoting your business in the process.

With a good podcast, you have nothing to lose but all to gain. You can easily share your thoughts, message, knowledge, talents, and expertise.

Podcasts bring life to your words.

They give you a voice and bring you closer to your blog readers as well as your business’ customers.

Take note that interview podcasts are popular, entertaining, and more energizing than those written in the text-only format on a blog.

They also position you as an expert. Personal branding and business promotion are very important for you to be in a better position as well as for differentiating yourself from the competition.

Having a podcast will allow you to be an expert in your field faster and more effectively than other content marketing strategies.

This is because they will help you to network with the very best in your industry or field of interest.

In the 2020s Podcasts will become so popular because they are easily accessible and can be accessed 24 hrs anytime anywhere

This is a big moneymaking opportunity for you

Utilize your Podcast as a marketing strategy for your business or personal brand.

Ask yourself today why you need a podcast

Exercise: Write 10 reasons why you would benefit from having a Podcast

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