Post-production might be the longest phase depending on if you would like to add some effects to your podcast or not

It is important for you to have effective audio pre-production and production strategies for a quick and successful production phase.

Here you can also use software like Audacity, Adobe Audition, or the AVS Audio Editor to edit your file.

You also get the opportunity to add music, intros, and outros as well as any other promotional sections for your audio file

Editing is essential for it allows you to correct your mistakes during the recording

It is also important for you to eliminate background noises so that your listeners’ attention remains on you

You also get the opportunity to delete the unwanted parts of your audio files

Branding your files will also be done during the period. This is when you add your Intros, Outros as well as adding the ID3 tags for your files

Some podcasts do not have intros and outros but if you need them there are many freelancers who can assist you online for less than $10

You also have the option of adding your podcast’s audio theme. You can buy top-quality audio tracks from sites like Audio Jungle and Audio Blocks. There are also many other sites where you can get a free soundtrack that anyone can use. It is up to you whether you want audio available for anyone or you want your own unique track. You can also go on if you want an audio specialist to create a unique theme song for you

Generally, most recording software like AVS Audio, Audacity, and Adobe Audition can do most of your post-production needs

It is always great to export your audio files to the mp3 format or any format that is recognizable

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