Our main purpose is to empower people with the necessary skills for them to succeed at the micro (personal) and macro (business, society) levels both online and in the real world.

These are some of our niches and sub-niches:


  • Podcasting 101 – the main silo for most of the Podcasting posts that are on this websites
  • Why you need a Podcast – Having a podcast will benefit your business in many ways. This post contains reasons on why you need a Podcast for your personal brand and or your business
  • Being creative and coming up with Podcasting topics – for your Podcast to remain popular you need to continuously post new content. This needs you to be both creative and strategic
  • Podcast team members – here you can learn on wether it is necessary or not for you to run the Podcast solo or you will need a supporting crew
  • Recording equipment for Podcasts – a successful podcast needs basic equipment like microphones and computers
  • Podcast Production – there are many stages you must fulfil in Podcasting. These are pre-production, production and post-production
  • Marketing your Podcast – you need all the Content Marketing and Digital Marketing strategies for marketing your Podcast
  • The best top-rated course for you to have a Successful Podcast: Launch, Market And Monetize A Podcast – by Sam Laliberte who is a “self-employed digital nomad and host of a renowned podcast series”.

Basic Website Pages



  • A free Freelancing Course – Although it is mainl;y for Fiverr Freelancers any other Freelancers can benefit from this course. This is regardless of them being on other Freelance sites like Upwork and People Per Hour

Software as a Service

How to start a SAAS business

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