For beginners, there are various easy-to-learn eLearning authoring tools.

This article is meant for new eLearning Instructional Designers.

Table showing the most trailblazing eLearning authoring tools for beginners

This table has information on the most effective eLearning authoring tools.

SoftwareNotable Features/CapacityDownload/Access Links
iSpring SuiteiSpring Talkmaster
iSpring Flip
iSpring Cam pro
iSpring Quizmaker
iSpring Video-Audio Editor
iSpring Converter
iSpring Visuals
iSpring Suite Free Trial
Articulate StorylineArticulate Storyline
Articulate 360
Articulate Free Trial
Adobe CaptivateAdobe CaptivateAdobe Captivate Free Trial
Camtasia Camtasia Screen Recorder
Camtasia Video Editor
Techsmith Camtasia free trial
Speechelo Speech-to-text converterSpeechelo
Videoscribe Videoscribe Whiteboard AnimationVideoscribe Free Trial
CanvaNumerous design toolsCanva Website
A table with information about eLearning authoring tools that beginners can get.

iSpring the software designed for beginners

First and foremost, the iSpring Suite is one of the top-rated eLearning authoring tools.

Since it was mainly designed for beginner Instructional Designers and eLearning content creators this is a wonderful choice for someone new to eLearning authoring tools since it was created with a beginner in mind.

iSpring pros for beginners

  • Easy to master after watching tutorials.
  • A new person can master iSpring within a few days after watching a relevant course or tutorial.
  • Customer support is readily available 24/7.
  • Doesn’t have hard-to-learn features like triggers and layers as in Articulate Storyline and Articulate 360.
  • 13+ quiz types are supported in the iSpring Quizmaker.
  • PowerPoint slides can be easily converted to HTML5.
  • Produces highly responsive and interactive eLearning materials.
  • Has powerful Video and Audio software that make it more effective.
  • A tight competition for Adobe Captivate and Articulate since it can do most of the basic stuff easily.
  • Might be installable on old computers.
  • Also, small size than Adobe Captivate but highly effective.

iSpring cons for beginners

  • Lacks some advanced features such as those in Articulate Storyline, Articulate 360, and Adobe Captivate.
  • Does not have a powerful phone app yet.

Articulate for eLearning enthusiasts and career Instructional Designers

Articulate Storyline and Articulate 360 are some of the most popular and well-known eLearning tools.

Advantages of Articulate Storyline and Articulate 360 for beginners

  • Moreover, once you master Articulate you will find it easier to learn how to use Adobe Captivate.
  • Great for those planning to become Instructional Designers and eLearning Content Developers for a long time.
  • Fellow support by experts from eLearning Heroes.
  • Phenomenal Facebook groups with highly enthusiastic eLearning experts.
  • Numerous courses and tutorials have been created on Articulate Storyline and Articulate 360.

Disadvantages of Articulate Storyline and Articulate 360 for newbies

  • Might be hard for newbies to utilize features like triggers and layers that require training.
  • More so, unlike iSpring, one needs more experience and tutorials to master Articulate.

Adobe Captivate is the most advanced eLearning authoring tool

This is one of the most Advance eLearning authoring tools.

Newbies are advised to start by using iSpring or Articulate before learning Adobe Captivate.

Adobe Captivate pros for new Instructional Designers

  • Great content library.
  • A revolutionary tool for programming-oriented eLearning Content creators.

Adobe Captivate cons for new Instructional Designers

  • Rarely updated.
  • Few Facebook forums for interaction compared to Articulate 360 and Storyline.
  • Takes up so much hard drive space.
  • Requires big RAMs and modern processors.

Camtasia for eLearning Video content

Camtasia is one of the most effective eLearning authoring tools.

Advantages of Camtasia for eLearning

  • Camtasia can convert the videos into HTML5.
  • Supports the creation of quizzes.
  • Allows the creation of captions and subtitles for learners.
  • Easy to learn after watching relevant tutorials.
  • Contains serene music in the Audio library.
  • Has an incredible audio and video recording system.

Disadvantages of Techsmith Camtasia for eLearning

  • Limited to video and audio content.

Canva learning accessories

Although it is not an eLearning authoring tool, Canva is a renowned site that can make Instructional Designers and eLearning experts more effective.

Canva for eLearning pros

  • Numerous wonderful images – that you can use to enhance your eLearning courses.
  • Videos – to help explain your points.
  • Audio content – these can be used in any of your projects made in Articulate, iSpring Suite, and or Adobe Captivate.
  • Supports whiteboard animations – these enhance eLearning content since
  • Icons – these spectacular icons can be added to your courses.
  • Slides – you can create all your foundational PowerPoint slides on Canva, download them and then import them to software like iSpring or Articulate.
  • PowerPoint integration.
  • Canva has many good-as-gold resources that you can utilize for you to come up with mouthwatering eLearning Content.
  • Canva also has a powerful and user-friendly phone app.

Canva for eLearning cons

  • Cannot convert content to HTML5 – this is mainly because Canva was designed for a much broader audience.
  • Requires an internet connection to access it.

Speechelo for speech-to-text purposes

Speechelo is a pioneer in human-like-sounding speech-to-text content.

This boosts learner engagement in eLearning as well as better instructional videos.

Speechelo merits for eLearning

  • Human-like artificial intelligence speech-to-text voices.
  • Files are easily downloadable and can be attached to any eLearning authoring program.
  • Has spectacular music that can be added to your eLearning files.

Speechelo demerits for eLearning

  • Limited to audio and speech-to-text.
  • Cannot convert audio files to HTML5 and other eLearning formats.

Videoscribe for eLearning Whiteboard animated content

Whiteboard animated content and explainer Videos enhance the eLearning experience among the Trainees and Students.

Advantages of Videoscribe for eLearning

  • User friendly.
  • Has a desktop app.
  • Easy to learn than other Whiteboard animation software.
  • Numerous images and icons can be utilized for instructional videos.
  • Many tutorials have been created on how to use Videoscribe to create instructional content.

Disadvantages of Videoscribe for eLearning

  • Cannot convert instructional videos to HTML5 and other eLearning formats.
  • Designed with animators in mind.

Other equally powerful Whiteboard Animation software that can be used for eLearning purposes:

  • Vyond
  • Explaindio
  • Adobe Animate


There are many eLearning authoring tools.

Adobe Captivate, Spring, and Articulate are some of the most popular and well-known eLearning Content authoring tools.

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